Automotive Dynamometers and Control Systems.



Dynamometer Overhauls and Repairs

Documented repairs and overhauls.

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On site dynamometer maintenance and servicing on chassis and engine dynamometers can be arranged on your premises by a call to our Worcester office. As part of any engine dynamometer maintenance we recommend de-scaling of dynamometers which prevents the blocking of water ways within the unit which helps to avoid the expensive consequences of overheating. 

Workshop Overhauls.

We carry out overhauls and major repairs to most makes of Eddy Current and Hydraulic dynamometers in our Worcester based workshops. All work is carried out by skilled engineers. All reconditioned dynamometers carry a 12 month parts and labour warranty.  

A Dynamometer World standard repair procedure on a typical machine consists of the following;

On arrival at our workshops we carry out a visual inspection and report on condition and delivery content.

  • Digital photograph of goods received.
  • Unit is dismantled.
  • All parts are thoroughly degreased and cleaned.
  • All parts are examined for adverse wear or damage. Further digital photography if required.
  • Essential parts are subjected to critical measurement verification.
  • Where applicable all electrical components are tested for accuracy and functionality.
  • Record findings of strip down and send full report to customer.
  • Main shaft / rotor assembly balance is checked and recorded and re-balanced if required.
  • Customer will be informed accordingly if further work is required to be carried out, for approval prior to its implementation.
  • The unit is re-assembled, incorporating new bearings and seals to the original specification.
  • Completion of strip and repair report.
  • Unit is then spin tested and the results recorded for bearing temperature and vibration levels
  • Completion of pass-off report
  • Unit is then re-painted in the original colour.
  • Visual inspection before despatch and customer notified.
  • Dynamometer pass-off report / Certificate of Conformity supplied to customer.